Back To Work Checklist

As we gradually attempt to go back to the life we knew before the lockdown, we can’t ignore the fact that we need to incorporate new measures to keep everyone safe and comfortable at the office. So, whether you are about to go back to the office or you have been back for a while, here is a checklist to ensure everything is in place!


  • Decide the right time to reopen (if you haven’t already)

  • Determine who should return to work first (this will help you decide what ways your office space might need to be reorganized.)

  • Check to make sure your decisions are in-line with the government’s regulations


  • Draft communication to employers detailing back to work protocol

  • Draft a written protocol for employees who might get infected

  • Anticipate rumours and misinformation and plan accordingly

  • Draft a crisis preparedness plan specifically for situations related to COVID-19


  • Create a remote work policy

  • Prepare a response to remote work requests

  • Openly communicate the company’s stand on remote work


  • Assess if changes need to be made to employee health and welfare plans

  • Train managers and supervisors before reentry to appropriately respond to and document employee complaints regarding health and safety.

  • Consider staggering employee shifts and allowing employees who utilize public transportation to commute and work during off-peak times to minimize exposure.

  • Prepare employer’s response to the possibility that workers may refuse to work, simultaneously call in sick or strike.

  • Evaluate existing sick leave and family and medical leave policies for compliance with any new legislation.

  • Establish a clear (short and/or medium-term) policy regarding limits and restrictions on business travel.


  • Establish a protocol for deliveries and office visitors that keeps them socially distanced from the employee population. (Consider integrating contactless technology)

  • Reorganize the office space to meet social distancing requirements

  • Clearly communicate safety protocols (like if employees need to wear masks at all times or not)

  • Consider putting up signage to remind employees of safety procedures to adhere to.

  • Establish a designated point person (or department) to whom employees should report all COVID-19-related issues.

These are some of the essentials to check that your “Back-to-work” plans are in order. If you would like a more detailed checklist, you can find one here.